CEREC® Same-Day Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a super-thin shell of porcelain or ceramic that we bond to a tooth’s front surface to improve its appearance. Since dental porcelain closely mimics the translucent qualities of tooth enamel, the custom-shaded veneer blends naturally into a patient’s smile.

Dr. Calvin Despain is a cosmetic dentist in Moses Lake who customizes beautiful smile makeovers with same-day dental veneers. Since they look so natural, he can place a single veneer to perfect your smile or an entire set for a more dramatic improvement.

What Cosmetic Problems Do Veneers Correct?

A dental veneer covers the entire front surface of a tooth to change its appearance. It conceals whatever flaws or imperfections you would rather not share with the world. Dr. Despain commonly uses veneers in the following ways:

  • Conceal uneven gaps and spacing between teeth
  • Correct size or shape differences
  • Hide slightly misaligned teeth
  • Cover badly stained or discolored teeth
  • Restore chipped and broken teeth

Since we use CEREC technology at our Moses Lake dental office, we can design, create, and place custom veneers in as little as one appointment. 

What’s the Process for Getting Same-Day Veneers?

Meet with Our Cosmetic Dentist

The first step is an appointment with our dentist to make sure veneers are the right cosmetic treatment for you. You can share your goals for your dream smile, and Dr. Despain will explain what’s involved.

He will also explain other options like bonding that might be a better solution for you. We want to be sure you have all the information you need so that you feel confident with your decision to move forward with veneers.

Design, Create, and Place Your Veneers

We customize your CEREC same-day veneers at Skyview Dental in a single appointment, so we don’t have to deal with an outside dental lab. We are one of the only dental offices in Moses Lake to use this leading-edge technology.

The steps involved with getting same-day veneers are:

  • Remove a thin layer of enamel to prepare the tooth
  • Take comfortable digital impressions
  • Select a shade of white to match or enhance your tooth color
  • Digitally design your veneers using CAD/CAM software
  • Use our in-office milling machine to fabricate your veneers while you wait

With CEREC veneers, there are no messy impressions, no need for multiple visits or a two-week wait, and no temporaries to deal with. You’ll walk out of our office the same day with your beautiful custom veneers securely in place and a smile you’re ready to share confidently.

What You Should Know about Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are easy to maintain, but you need to be careful not to chip the thin edges by biting down on hard foods or opening packages with your teeth. Your veneers resist red wine and coffee stains, but you need to conscientiously brush twice a day and floss once.

Also, be sure to visit Skyview Dental every six months for exams and teeth cleanings. You want to avoid developing a cavity or gum disease that would require us to remove the veneer to treat the tooth.

Since we need to remove a layer of tooth enamel, getting veneers is a lifelong commitment as you will always need to wear them to protect the tooth. Take good care of your veneers, and they can last for ten years or longer!

Same-Day CEREC Veneers in Moses Lake, WA

Do you have cosmetic smile flaws you think would benefit from CEREC same-day veneers? Please call us to schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate and how we can help you.