Complete and Partial Dentures

Do you have missing teeth? Are you considering dentures but worry that they will look fake and unnatural? We understand your concern, but a lot has changed in dentistry!

Dentists like Dr. Calvin Despain now use materials and technology that didn't exist decades ago and create dentures that enhance your appearance and give you a reason to smile.

Types of Dentures We Offer

Dentures are prosthetic teeth that we customize to fit snugly and comfortably against the gums. Every patient's smile is unique, so no two sets of dentures we create are alike.

Dr. Despain will work with you to customize your dentures, so they blend perfectly with the contours of your face and jaw and complement your skin tone and even hair and eye color!

  • We recommend complete dentures for patients who need to replace all missing teeth in their upper or lower arch or both. We can also secure complete dentures to your jaw using mini dental implants.
  • Partial dentures work great for patients missing a few upper or lower teeth. Partials consist of artificial teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. They are custom-designed to fill the gaps and are secured to adjacent teeth with clasps.

Customizing Your Dentures for Your Smile

When planning your dentures, we allow several appointments to ensure that they look natural and that you are delighted with the results. First, Dr. Despain takes measurements and comfortable digital impressions of your jaws, so your dentures fit snugly and comfortably.

We will also create wax try-in dentures that help us determine the perfect positioning, color, shape, and fit for your final dentures. When we are both satisfied with the look and fit, a custom dental lab in our area creates your denture.

Since artificial teeth are placed one by one in the base, you can be confident that your dentures won't look "too" perfect and will replicate a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

What to Expect from Mini Implant Dentures

One drawback of removable dentures—especially lowers—is that they tend to shift and move. If you want more stability, dentures secured with mini implants are a great choice. 

As you might guess, mini implants have a smaller diameter than full-size implants, and this can make them a more versatile option. Because of their size, mini implants are ideal for supporting dentures and cost less than traditional implants.

The Process for Mini Implant Dentures

Like full-size implants, mini implants are made of titanium, and placing them takes about two hours. We use a strong local anesthetic to numb the area and ensure that you won't feel any pain during the procedure. 

Because mini implants are smaller, placing them is less invasive, and we can set your dentures in place the same day. You can leave our office with a beautiful new smile and a set of teeth that function comfortably and allow you to eat all the foods you love.

Are You Ready for Dentures?

If you live with the discomfort and embarrassment of full or partial tooth loss, getting dentures can be life-changing. Dentures created at our Moses Lake, WA dental office look so natural and fit so comfortably that only you and Dr. Despain will know they're not real teeth.

We would love to talk to you about our denture options and help you choose the most appropriate one for your needs. Please call Skyview Dental at (509) 766-7076 to schedule an appointment so we can take the first exciting step together!

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