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Every dental office claims to have modern technology, but at Skyview Dental in Moses Lake, we actually do! We offer an extensive array of leading-edge technology to improve our patients' experiences with us. Everything we offer—from CEREC same-day crowns to intraoral cameras and digital x-rays—is designed to provide the highest level of dental care while keeping our patients informed and involved about their oral health.

We would love to welcome you and show you how our technology allows us to provide a high level of dentistry not found in most dental offices in our area. Please take a moment to read about our technology and how it benefits you, then call us to schedule an appointment to see it in action!

CEREC Same-Visit Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers

With CEREC same-day crown technology, we streamline the process for getting crowns, bridges, and veneers from weeks to hours. With CEREC, we can plan, design, and place a beautiful, durable tooth restoration in a single appointment. 

A precise digital scan of your teeth creates a 3-D model of the teeth we’re treating. Our dentist uses CAD/CAM technology to design your restoration digitally, and a milling unit in our office uses the design to fabricate it to our specifications. 

CEREC technology does away with the need for multiple visits, multiple injections, and messy impressions. The process for getting a CEREC crown usually takes less than two hours, and you will leave our dental office the same day with it bonded securely in place. 

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3-D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

One of the great breakthroughs in modern dental technology is 3-D cone beam imaging. Also referred to as CBCT or CBT, this type of digital scan provides a wealth of information that we cannot obtain with two-dimensional digital x-rays alone.

CBCT is crucial for planning procedures like dental implant placement, tooth extractions, and root canals. These digital scans provide a 3-D image of all your dental anatomy, including underlying bone structure, nerve pathways, and soft tissue. We use CBCT scans to identify bone loss, tooth decay, TMJ irregularities, and tooth infections.

Understanding the position of these features and their orientation to each other allows our dentist to plan implant placement with precision and accuracy. Since there is no guesswork, we can place implants efficiently and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Digital Impressions

Gone are the days when getting dental impressions meant biting down on an uncomfortable metal tray filled with messy pink paste. With our handheld scanner, we take mess-free digital impressions that are far more accurate and precise than those taken with the old method. 

Dr. Despain moves the small handheld scanner over your teeth and captures 3-D digital impressions. He uses these images with computer software to plan and design high-quality tooth restorations like crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures that fit your teeth perfectly.

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Digital X-Rays

We use low-dose digital x-rays because we care about our patients and their concerns about taking safe dental x-rays. Estimates say that digital x-rays reduce patient radiation exposure by as much as 80 percent compared to older film x-rays.

Taking digital x-rays is also more comfortable than in the past because we capture images using flat digital sensors that fit comfortably in the mouth. These x-rays are also a great educational tool because Dr. Despain uses them to show you why he recommends treatment and how it will benefit you. He can improve the images by zooming in or out or rotating them to give you a better view of your teeth.

Digital x-rays are stored safely on our secure in-house network and are easily accessible by our team as needed. Even better, we don’t need to dispose of any harmful chemicals, so they are safer for our environment.

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Panoramic X-Rays

Digital x-rays are useful for obtaining detailed images of one or two teeth at a time. However, there are many cases where our dentist needs to see the entire mouth in one x-ray.

A panoramic x-ray shows a single continuous view of the upper and lower jaws, including all teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), and sinuses. They are another type of dental imaging that assists us in delivering highly accurate diagnoses and planning treatment. 

We commonly use panoramic x-rays to diagnose TMJ problems, view impacted wisdom teeth, and plan treatment for dental implants, dentures, and orthodontics.

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Nitrous Oxide

Also called laughing gas or inhalation sedation, nitrous oxide is a great solution to minimize dental anxiety. It is a slightly sweet-smelling gas that is blended with oxygen so you can breathe it in through a soft, comfortable nasal mask. As you inhale, you’ll begin to feel drowsy and a little fuzzy, and you won’t be so aware of the activity around you. A trained member of our dental team will monitor you throughout your appointment to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

When we finish your procedure, we stop the nitrous flow and have you inhale pure oxygen for several minutes. By the time you leave us, you will feel clear-headed and refreshed, and you can drive yourself home from your appointment safely.

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Electric Handpieces

Many patients tell us that the unique sounds and sensations of dental treatment are a trigger for their anxiety, and we understand. We don’t particularly like the high-pitched whining sound of air-driven handpieces either!

Instead, our electric handpieces do away with the annoying noise and uncomfortable vibrations created by air-driven equipment. Electric handpieces are also gentler on teeth and create a more comfortable experience overall. This equipment also provides our dentist with much more control, so he can complete procedures more efficiently and minimize the time you spend in the dental chair. 

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Rotary Endodontics

Dentists do everything they can to make root canal treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible. At Skyview Dental, we use rotary endodontic technology that improves your comfort and streamlines the procedure, so you spend less time in the dental chair.

Rotary endodontics replaces manual instruments with modern technology that does an amazingly fast and precise job of clearing away infected tissue from a tooth. In the past, dentists used a series of rigid steel files to remove infected pulp; rotary endodontic technology uses a flexible nickel-titanium tip to do the job. 

The result is a more comfortable and efficient procedure for you, with no strange or uncomfortable sensations. The flexible tip also allows our dentist to reach into curved canals to efficiently remove every trace of infection and ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Intraoral Cameras

Have you ever sat through a dental exam wishing you could see what your dentist sees? Now you can! Our handheld intraoral camera captures images of your teeth in real-time and projects the magnified images on your chairside monitor.

As our dentist examines your teeth, you can see what he sees and play an active part in your dental care. Instead of being told about a worn or broken tooth, now you can see it for yourself in detail. You will better understand your dental needs and be empowered to make informed decisions about your treatment.

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